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The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 452
July 18, 2019 02:19 PM PDT
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1.Fuzzbox,What's The Point
2.Condutores De Cadaver,Bem Vindos ao Novo Mundo
3.The Scientists,Nitro
4.The Exits,Apathy
5.The Screaming Love Collective,Future Trapped
6.Creech Holler,Pretty Polly
7.Swans Way,Soul Train
8.The Rip Offs,Cops
9.Umbrella Assassins,Sweat It Out
10.Frank & Jo Byers,Selected Sounds of Tiki Gardens
11.Rasp Thorne & The Briars,The Lecher's Waltz
12.Cause For Alarm,Lies
13.A 3 Dans Les WC,Contagion
14.The Swallows,Santen Nyamona
15.Menstrual Cramps,The Smash
16.Billy Joe Winghead,Glitterdome

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 451
July 11, 2019 11:58 AM PDT
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1.Hideous Corpses,Rotten Fruit
2.Stalag 17,Soiciety's Fairytale
3.A.I. Zero (feat. Armageddon Dildos),No Pain Forever
4.The Kirkz,Brain Dead
5.The Residents,Hard & Tenderly
6.Agent Orange,Breakdown
7.Adventures of Salvador,Now Look What You Made Me Do
8.Andre Williams,Greasy Chcken
9.The Cravats,Precinct
10.R.I.P.,Policia No
11.Ham Legion,Georgie Porgie
12.Jose & The Buttsluggers,Cravats
13.Status Quo,Shy Fly
14.Zoft,Marque Blanche
15.Bunny Lee All Stars,Warfare
16.Rammstein,Zeig Dich

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 450
July 09, 2019 06:12 AM PDT
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1.The Fadeaways,Nowhere To Hide 2.The Lillettes,Hey Operator 3.2 Sick Monkeys,Why? 4.La Loora,In The Light 5.Misfits,Lost In Space 6.Hustler,Voodoo Ray 7.Birthday Party,Mutiny In Heaven 8.DMZ,Busy Man 9.The Beat,Twist And Crawl 10.Mick Ronson,Only After Dark 11.Stupids,Life's A Drag 12.Brad Berwick,I'm Better Than The Beatles 13.Protest,Turning Tide 14.Dick Lord,Like Ringo 15.Enigmas,Teenage Barnacle 16.Xiu Xiu,Stupid In The Dark

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 449
June 28, 2019 01:41 AM PDT
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1.Problem Dogs,City Hall
2.Dead Arms,Grandad Hates You
3.The Family Fodder,Playing Golf (With My Flesh Crawling)
4.Slughog,Triple Clutcher
5.A Witness,Lucky In London
6.Milton Feher,Walking Without Effort
7.Girls At Our Best,Politics!
9.Gold,No Parking
10.Pere Ubu,Who Stole The Signpost
11.The Freeze,For J.P.S.
12.Die Radierer,Das Gelobte Land Der Mathematik
13.Saul Williams,Convict Colony
14.The Smoke,Playing With Magic
15.Dog Of Man,Wedding Night Erection Failure
16.Avorza,Secret Succession

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 448
June 20, 2019 03:37 PM PDT
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1.Alien Sex Fiend,R.I.P.
2.Devil's Dykes,Fruitless
3.The Damned,Fish
4.To The Finland Station,
Domino Theory
5.The Joker,What Is A Fisterris
6.Au Pairs,Domestic Departure
7.Les Bof!,Formidable
8.Mark O'Brian,Forgotten Doors
9.Nil By Nose & Goat In The Machine,Glass Of Malbec
10.Andromeda,Let's All Watch The Sky Fall Down
11.Adventures Of Salvador,Girl With The Broken Face
12.Thomas Leer,International
13.Honkeyball,Rodeo Life
14.Fire Engines,Everything's Roses
15.Die Monster Die,Perfect Picture

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 447
June 14, 2019 01:24 AM PDT
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1.Bedtime For Bonzo,Skakin'/Dyin'
2.Wednesday 13,God Is A Lie
3.Mogwai,Year 2000 Non Compliant Cardia
4.Wild Wing,Sound The Alarm
5.Eyes Of Blue,Q III
6.Essential Logic,Aerosol Burns
7.Scorpion Violente,Ray Ov Gold
8.Murder The Disturbed,The Ultimate System
9.Kalte Zeiten,Verlogene Zeitgeister
10.Sis Q Lint,Dog Sweaters
11.The Cravats,Situations Vacant
12.Lucy And The Rats,True Romance
13.Spill Gold,Dali
14.The Red Squares,The Russians Are coming
15.Herman Hitson,Ain't No Other Way

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 446
June 06, 2019 11:44 AM PDT
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1.Punishment of Luxury,The Demon
2.It's Immaterial,No Place For a Prompter
3.Isotope Soap,Circle Jerk
4.The Monochrome Set,He's Frank
5.Punching Swans,Cliff Face
6.Mystery Action,Hot Rod
7.The Room,Motion
8.The Tea Set,Sing Song
9.Laibach,Alle Gegen Alle
11.The Cretins,Haven't Got A Clue
12.Manic Jabs,Autophagous
13.'Cile Turner,Crap Shootin' Sinner
14.Dead Objectives,Weapon of Greed
15.Hello,Tell Him
16.The Freshies,Washed Up
17.Sparks,Amateur Hour

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 445
May 31, 2019 02:07 AM PDT
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2.Ramuntcho Matta,Just To Be Clear
3.Rats On Rafts,Some Velvet Morning
4.Virginia's Scrapings,No More
5.Th' Losin' Streaks,(This Man Will Self-Destruct In) T-Minus
6.The Moonlandingz,I.D.S.
8.Siouxsie & The Banshees,Hong Kong Garden
9.Art Brut,Alcoholics Unanimous
10.Alamaaiiman Vasarat,Norsuvaljakko
11.Wurst Nurse,Hot Surgeon
12.David Houston,One And Only
13.Negative Space,Inspection House
14.Dumb Robot Pilot,Mekanika
15.Ty Segall,Hit It And Quit It

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 444
May 24, 2019 12:53 AM PDT
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1.Nave Nodriza,Destruyete
2.Pere Ubu,Fortunate Son
3.Vintage Crop,Guarantees
4.The Scaners,Please Abduct Me
5.Fat White Family,Fringe Runner
6.Human Leather,Geoff Tipps
7.The Bent Moustache,Somme
8.Weezer,Buddy Holly
9.NASA Space Universe,House of Broken Hogs
10.NDT,Unter Der Sonne
11.Freak Genes,Get Ready To Go
12.Fay Simmons,And The Angels Sing
14.Rivals,Future Rights
15.Gran Am,Get High

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 443
May 16, 2019 03:29 PM PDT
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1.XTC,I'm Bugged
2.Greenhouse of Terror,Third Class Heaven
3.Disciples of Tone,Politician
4.Sociophobia,Animal Farm
5.Village Pistols,Strawberry Fields Forever
6.The Time Zone,Space Walker
7.Vic Godard & Subway Sect,Life in The Distance
8.Fireballs,(I Need A) Holiday
9.Victoria Spivey & Lonnie Johnson,Dope Head Blues
10.Christian Lunch,Joke's On You
11.Dead Arms,Give Me Shelter
12.Umbrella Assassins,Electric Chicken
13.W.H.W.Y.Feel Like Fool
14.Chocolate Watchband,Let's Talk About Girls
15.The Very Things,The Hole
16.Sublime De Luxe,Donne Moi Ton Corps Juste Pour Le Sport

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