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The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 443
May 16, 2019 03:29 PM PDT
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1.XTC,I'm Bugged
2.Greenhouse of Terror,Third Class Heaven
3.Disciples of Tone,Politician
4.Sociophobia,Animal Farm
5.Village Pistols,Strawberry Fields Forever
6.The Time Zone,Space Walker
7.Vic Godard & Subway Sect,Life in The Distance
8.Fireballs,(I Need A) Holiday
9.Victoria Spivey & Lonnie Johnson,Dope Head Blues
10.Christian Lunch,Joke's On You
11.Dead Arms,Give Me Shelter
12.Umbrella Assassins,Electric Chicken
13.W.H.W.Y.Feel Like Fool
14.Chocolate Watchband,Let's Talk About Girls
15.The Very Things,The Hole
16.Sublime De Luxe,Donne Moi Ton Corps Juste Pour Le Sport

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 442
May 10, 2019 03:11 AM PDT
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1.Penis Flytrap,Now
2.Nuclear Baby Food,Suburbia
3.Dead Arms,Apocalypse Yow
4.Normal,Warm Leatherette
5.Human Leather,When You're So Boring You Have To Impress People With Inanimate Objects
7.Feral Five,Shake It
8.Strychnine,Ex BX
9.Pere Ubu,What I Heard On The Pop Radio
10.Sisters,Kick Your Boots Off
12.Thumper Jones,How Come It
13.Dead Arms,Biased Broadcasting Corporation
14.Peacepipe,A Biker's Tune
15.Mystery Action,Hobo Jones
16.Alan Millman Sect,Stitches In My Head
17.Human Leather,The Death Bed Is A Great Place For Reflection, But One Littered With Hindsight

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 441
May 02, 2019 03:02 PM PDT
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1.Les Bof!,Fin De Monde
2.Pig,Prey & Obey
4.Ronnie Dee Dawson,Action Packed
5.The Vibrators,Destroy
6.Joe 4,Pop Is
7.New York Dolls,Trash
8.Rakta,Flora Da Pele
9.Umbrella Assassins,Woke Up Weird
10.Minimal Disease,Lesser Human
11.The Realtors,Guilt By Association
12.Gauche,Conspiracy Theories
13.Hatari,Hatrio Mun Sigra
14.Lunatic Fringe,British Man
15.Unstoppable Sweeties Show,Why Did The Chicken Cross My Mind
16.Taiconderoga,Speakin My Mind

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 440
April 25, 2019 02:41 PM PDT
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1.Latin Dogs,Killed In jail
2.Von Stroheim,Red Raw
3.Fight Amp,Dead Is Dead
4.Nova Twins,Twitch
5.Ron Geesin,Upon Composition
6.Psychobud,Here's Our Correspondent
7.The Lust,I'm Annoyed
8.The Space Lady,Born To Be Wild
10.AK47,The Badge Means You Suck
11.Suede,Beautiful Ones
12.The Staches,The Shape Of Their Eyes
13.The Cyborgs,Bee Leave Me
14.Ngozi Family,Hold On
15.Viagra Boys,Sports

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 439
April 19, 2019 12:59 AM PDT
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1.Noisy Coincidence,Objector Status
2.The Heck,For Cryin' Out Loud
3.The Staches,Fake Stomach Ach
4.Mark Of Cain,Attrition
5.The Seize,Why?
6.George Brigman,Jungle Rot
8.The Human League,Circus Of Death
9.Plomb,Crazy Monkeys
10.Zach Swagger,TV True Tonight
11.Satan's Rats,You Make Me Sick
12.Fashionable Impure,Venu Sanctus Spiritus
13.The Nightingales,The Divorce That Never Was
14.Art Trip And The Static Sound,Iron Lung
15.The Pelvis Douglas,Behind The Lines

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 438
April 12, 2019 12:27 AM PDT
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1.Dyess,Death Valley PTA
2.Mudhoney,No One Has
3.Pink Industry,Taddy Up
4.Les Lullies,You're Doing Wrong
5.Pussyliquor,Lady Wank
6.Bukka White,Fixin' To Die Blues
8.Creatures Of KontrastMy Love Is Pure
10.Four Tops,Standing In The Shadows Of Love
11.Mad-A,The Hell
12.The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown,All Over The Country
13.Black Mambas,Up All Night
14.Marzipan Marzipan,Wheatherface
15.Porn Theatre Ushers,Hellmouth
16.Rogue Spore,Spirit Vinegar

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 437
April 05, 2019 01:05 AM PDT
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1.The Young Gods,I Am The Drug
2.Kill Pretty,Clever Men Who Have Thin Arms
3.The Toy Shop,Live Wires Kill
4.Gay Kiss,Vitriol
5.Leon Payne,My Baby Left Me
6.David Lynch,I Know
7.The Perry Lane Sect,Sickhead
8.Disciples Of Tone,Utopian Dreams
9.Marketettes,Out Of Limits
10.Pawns,Brimstone & Fire
11.Cocadictos,Fieles Siempre Al Vicio
12.The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster,Team Meat
13.Zoft,Q.I. Cult
14.March Violets,Religious As Hell
15.Nine Pound Hammer,Run Fat Boy Run
16.Young Conservatives,Non-Exist

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 436
March 29, 2019 02:29 AM PDT
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1.Hagar The Womb,Visible Woman
2.The Jumpin Quails,One Night Stand
3.Klink Clock,Mayhem
4.Lonnie & The Devotions,Jocko Homo
5.Lords Of The New Church,New Church
6.Membranes,Murder Of Crows
7.Paris Death Hilton,Celebcore
8.Kathy X,The Devil Looks After His Own
9.Milt Buckner,The Beast
10.White Lung,Local Garbage
11.Trigger Cut,Hellcat Bob
12.One And Seven Eighths,Pegasus (The Camping Waltz)
14.Gina Ete,Mauern
15.Public Service,I'm Gonna Kill That Man
16.Larry Ellis & Black Hammer,Funky Thing (Pt. 1)

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 435
March 21, 2019 09:57 AM PDT
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1.The Jumpers,This Is It!
2.L7,Pretend We're Dead
3.Lebowski,Church Of Fonz!
4.Ken Nordine,Fliberty Jib
5.Kids On Glue,Citizen
6.Lost Kids,Alle Taler
7.Kingdom Come,Internal Messenger
8.English Subtitles,Latin Lover
9.Mark Soden,Diner Of Cruelty
10.Trigger Cut,King Of Inks
11.That Petrol Emotion,Catch A Fire
12.Power Is Poison,Insult
13.Annette Finicello,Merlin Jones
14.Fire,Father's Name Was Dad
15.Kaare Og Partiet,Be En Bonn Na
17.Junior & The Classics,Birmingham

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 434
March 15, 2019 02:17 AM PDT
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1.Gouge Away,Ghost
2.The Inconsolables,Hoverfly
4.Deer,Biting A Spectrum
6.Lillidollrage,My Lady
7.The Bonneville Barons,Mexican Wildfire
8.TV Dust,It's Too Late
9.Sherwood & Pinch (ft Daddy Freddy & Dubiterian),One Law For The Rich
11.Monica's Last Prayer,Lost The Battle
12.Tex Rubinowitz,No Club (Lone Wolf)
13.K7ss,Hands Across The Sea
14.The Flying Luttenbachers,Goosesteppin'

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