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The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 464
October 18, 2019 01:12 AM PDT
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1.Sad Boy Sinister,Never Plan To Pay
2.Vanishing Twin,Cryonic Suspension may Save Your Life
3.Blood & Roses,Sins Of The Chimera
4.Infected Youth,Evils Gods Of Darkness
5.The (International) Noise Conspiracy,Do I Have To Spell It Out
6.Toxic Lipstick,Stabbed
7.Mnemotechnic,Thousands Of Straws
8.Dawn Of Humans,Fog Sclope
9.There Will Be Blood,Back No More
10.Unseasonal Beasts,Don Cosmic
11.Boston Boppers,Did You Get What You Wanted
12.Weasel Walter,Fold 7
13.CFM,Lunar Heroine
14.American Fang,Le Kick
15.The Modds,Leave My House

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 463
October 10, 2019 11:26 AM PDT
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2.Flatpig,Tony Blair
3.Big Sexy Noise,Where You Gonna Run
4.Mambo Taxi,Poems On The Underground
5.The Comet Is Coming,Channel The Spirits
6.Cream,Strange Brew
7.Ice 9,Revolting Mess
8.DROSE,Mechanism Is Lord
9.DCL Locomotive,King Midas In Reverse
10.Alice Cooper,Second Coming
11.Chaos 8,Chemical Reaction
12.Joe 9T & The Thunderbirds,Joe 9T Theme
13.Dog Of Man,Chaos Reigns
14.Shithatt,Pin The Tail
15.Quit Your Dayjob,Pigs From Hell

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 462
October 03, 2019 02:44 PM PDT
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1.Suicide Generation,Prisoner Of Love
2.Ceremony,Electric Shock
3.Mnemotechnic,By Accident
4.Kaba Bion,Moribiyassa
5.Inutili,Singing dogs
6.Exploded View,Dark Stains
7.The Very Things,The Conqueror
8.President Fetch,Super Heroine Blond
9.The Slacksons,Psychedelic Circus
10.Outburst,The Hard Way
12.The Tenant,Manifestation Of Your Sickness
13.Quougnpt,Swelter Kuss
14.Secret Shame,Dark

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 461
September 27, 2019 12:56 AM PDT
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2.Daughters,Daughters Spelled Wrong
3.The Charlemagnes,(No) Pay Day (In The USA)
4.Drink And Drive,Springtime For Drink And Drive
5.Howl In The Typewriter,Beowulf
6.USA Nails,Does Format Matter?
7.Josy & Pony,Indecent Pur-Sang
8.Ash Code,Crucified
9.Unseasonal Beasts,A Box Full Of Rocks
10.Guilty Razors,Provocate
11.Lettuce Vultures,Just Stare At Your Phone
12.Slug Guts,Old Black Sweats
15.The Darling Buds,Evergreen
16.Gorilla Biscuits,Sittin' Round At Home

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 460
September 19, 2019 10:00 AM PDT
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1.Subhumans,Thought Is Free
2.French Vanilla,All The Time
3.Walls Of Dada,Real
4.Bruxa Maria,The Hipsters And The Heathens
5.New Model Army,The Weather
6.Marcel Artero,Les Drogues Du 45 Tours
7.Torso,Grab A Shovel
8.Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds,Psychic Future
9.Chirgilchin,Bisting Tyva
10.Blam Blam Blam,No Depression In New Zealand
11.The Cravats,Shy
12.Nervous Gender,Fat Cow
13.Las Kellies,I Don't Care
14.M. T. Scott,The Wounded Waltz

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 459
September 12, 2019 02:05 PM PDT
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1.Pressed,Yes Officer
2.Sore Points,Not Alright
3.Flies On You,Can You Smell That Burning Noise
4.David Boring,Brian Emo
5.Rash Decision,Rumble Strip
6.EyeBawl,Never Again
7.Go Go Cult,In The Pipeline
8.Gestalt OrchestrA,Renaissance Digitale
9.The DC Spectres,It's Later Than You Think
10.Slice of Life,Don't Turn Away
11.The Proles,Stereo Love
12.Casual Nun,Tusk
13.Crischa,Paix Sur Terre
16.Arnie And The Strutters,Tell Me His Name

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 458
August 29, 2019 03:03 PM PDT
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1.Warm Bodies,Blister Resister
2.Helen Keller,Surfin' With Steve & E. D. Amin
3.Teledrome,Golden Dawn
4.Things That Fall Down,Envelope
5.The Black Truth Band,Butter Nut - Part 2
7.F-61,Hell Sweet Hell
8.Diesel Dudes,Golden Dawn
9.Buldogi,Vkoto Sveta
10.The Germs,My Tunnel
11.Bobby Wilding,I Want To Be A Beatle
12.Professor Anonymous,Floyds To Avoid
13.Anzahlung,Head Of Hoses
14.Youth Gone Mad,Oki Dogs
15.Kaaos,Hyvinvoinnin Toinen Puoli
16.Argument Clinic,Working Class Playwright

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 457
August 22, 2019 01:06 PM PDT
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1.LáGoon,Worship The Van
2.Conditioner,Stuck In The New Teens
3.Nancy No Shoes,Crimes Against Humonarchy
4.The Barracudas,Summer Fun
5.Three Dimensional Tanx,Ah Diddums
6.HVY DRT,Another Life
7.Automatic,Mind Your Own Business
8.The Cravats,Shy
9.Eddie & The Subtitles,American Society
10.Boston Rats,I Won
11.Infecticide,Pourquoi Pourquoi
13.Powersolo,Fuzz Face
14.Nancy No Shoes,I'm A Complete F*ckup And I'm Losing The Plot
15.The Degs,Here They Come
16.Shh . . Diam,Eat Your Local Fruits

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 456
August 15, 2019 10:37 AM PDT
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1.Dag Vag,Hellre En Raket
2.Staggs,Gone For A Burton
3.Black Uniforms,Teenage Wasted
4.Orchestra of Spheres,Rocket #9
5.Chatterbox,Forgotten Heroes
6.Christian Death,Romeo's Distress
7.Devo,Wiggly World
8.The Grits,Mmwauu
9.KGB,K Psycho F*ck(ed)
10.Amyl And The Sniffers,Pleasure Forever
11.Black Pitts,Spaceboy
12.The Eccentronic Research Council,Welcome To Valhalla
14.Los Bengala,La Caza
15.The Mannequin Factory,I Found God
16.Exterminators,The Beetle Bomb

The Spinning Man Radio Broadcast No. 455
August 09, 2019 12:53 AM PDT
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1.Oxes,Say Something To Bees About The Lion In The Alley
2.The Smears,Freak Show
3.Victim,Mixed Up World
4.Sonic Jesus,Underground
5.Urochromes,Hair So Big
6.Rudolph Dietrich,No Claim With Bluff And Swindle
8.The Cherrypops,Ohne Kopf
9.Ubiquitous Meh!,Race Against Rockism
10.Qlowski,Taking Control
11.Jacknife Lee,Muy Rico
12.Nave Nodriza,Muerete
13.BlackLab,His Name Is . . .
14.The Cravats,Good For You
15.Teething,Bad Seed

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